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Tacoma Spray Service

  • Moss
  • Plant & Tree Pest Control
  • Weeds

Our Plant Health Care Program

Our spray crews are happy to take a look at your tree and plant problems. Disease, insect, and environmental stresses are always present in our landscape. A regular spray program is designed specifically for your yard and location. Our pesticide crews take the time to thoroughly look at your property and create a unique plan for you.

Our spray solutions provide the necessary protections and can help to stop specific pest problems. Do not overlook the valuable assets of your landscape and home. We understand your concern for the health of your landscape and its protection through our services. With proper care, you can maintain your trees and plants, ensuring their beauty and health for the future. Call us today for a free estimate!

We have sprays that are very effective for controlling a wide variety of insect pests that commonly affect both shrubs and trees. Dormant oil is used on the host shrubs and trees for scale, mites, aphids, lacebug, psyllid, ash flower gaul, plant bugs, and adelgids in the larvae stage before eggs have hatched.

We also have sprays that are for protecting valuable deciduous trees from destructive leaf chewing insects such as inchworms.

Call us for an inspection today! We have the ability to remedy persistent pest problems encountered on your plants. Based on the knowledge we gain of your property, the inspection will tell us more about how to solve your problems. Whether the problem is moss, pests, or weeds, we have the spray to help protect your valuable property and landscape.

Specific plant pests we encounter require specialized solutions unique to each situation. Call us today for a free estimate! Our crew knows how to get the job done right the first time around. We listen to your questions and concerns. We will create a custom solution that is designed to leave you impressed and satisfied. We can implement and identify recommended control measures.

Pesticides are substances that are chemicals used to control living organisms and vary in different levels of toxicity. Pesticides can be part of an effective pest control program. Sanitation, as well as biological and physical control measures, is considered as part of a well-orchestrated pest control program.

Many customers have us apply sprays in order to treat pests, weeds, and stop moss right in its tracks. Gravel areas, driveways, fence lines, propane tanks, and industrial areas where weeds must be controlled are all great areas to treat. Steep slopes should be looked at for possible erosion problems before being sprayed. Other treatment options are available for chemically mowing the areas in the springtime. While not all of the weeds are 100% controlled, the need for weeding by hand and mechanical control can be vastly reduced.

Dormant Spraying

Many woody ornamentals and fruit trees benefit from winter applications of copper fungicides and dormant oil sprays. Diseases such as Shothole Fungus and Peach Leaf Curl can only be controlled with dormant applications. Call us today for a free estimate! If you have a large number of trees on your property, this service is critical to your property. Please give us a call and we will be happy to give you more information and a quote for fruit tree dormant spraying.

A scheduled spray service is the best way to make sure your trees and property will last a lifetime. Healthy trees have a natural defense against insects, but sometimes they need outside help. Regular tree pruning and fertilization from our tree care service will help keep your property elegant and beautiful.

Do not let a damaged or dead tree ruin the beauty of your property. Don't let moss, pests, or weeds ruin your elegant landscape. Most insects are attracted to dying or weakened trees, or trees that have suffered stress from lightning, drought, or tree diseases. Insect infestations may not go noticed until it's too late! Call us now to let us inspect your trees. Our tree care experts make the free evaluation painless and quick.

Many plant diseases are highly infectious and will cause problems to the remainder of your landscape. Therefore, it is imperative to contact us at the sign of any problem. We can arrange for one of our friendly and courteous technicians to give you an on-site inspection and consultation of your landscape. This will give us the opportunity to look at the problems that are causing the plant disease. Once we have figured out the problem, we will suggest a plan that will restore your trees, lawns, and plants back to health. Significant fluctuations in the environment of your landscape, including pH levels in the soil, drainage, and roots or systemic changes can very easily cause issues for your plants. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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