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Tacoma New Lawns

  • Fertilizing
  • Sod Laying
  • Seeding

Seeding and Sodding

Most lawns need to have reseeding services every year. Normal wear and tear from human traffic or dead spots caused by disease, dryness, or pests will need to be repaired. We can do a spot reseeding or seed your entire lawn.

If you are installing a brand new lawn, we have the expertise and equipment to contour your lot for effective drainage and to prepare the soil for the rapid growth of very healthy grass. If you don't want to wait for a lawn to grow from seed, we can lay sod very quickly for you. If you own a horse, don't forget to take care of your pasture. We will reseed to ensure a full pasture for the horses.

Our sod-laying services are perfect for any lawn. Give us a call and we will come and look at your lawn and give you a free estimate.

We specialize in all different aspects of garden and lawn fertilization. Our knowledgeable landscape specialists provide services ranging from one-time service for special situations to regular fertilization plans that take care of your whole property all year long. We will build a unique fertilization program for you based on the different plants and soil conditions on your property. This will allow for maximum benefit that will give you years of thick, lush, green grass. You will have vibrant, bold, and colorful blooms on your ornamentals and healthy, strong trees that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Proper Fertilization

There are many benefits to proper fertilization of your lawn. We take into account the unique environment of the Pacific Northwest. They include:
  1. Proper fertilization is conducive to healthy plant growth.
  2. Proper fertilization lessens weeds, disease, and pests in your garden and lawn.
  3. Proper fertilization lessens the need for pesticides and herbicides. Less toxic chemicals help the environment.
  4. Your property stands out compared to others if you have a well-maintained landscape.
  5. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are important elements in fertilizer that are necessary for healthy plant growth. We make sure to have a well-balanced mix of these three elements that is unique to maintaining the health of your landscape.
  6. Macro nutrients help maintain deep green colors and restore health in plant organisms and your lawn.
  7. Slow release of macro nutrients and bio-stimulants keep all your plants healthy between our visits.
  8. Lawns that are properly fertilized can help filter out runoff and impurities by absorbing pollutants.

Fertilization Practices and Mixtures Depend on Type of Plant

Proper fertilization is crucial to maintaining proper plant health. For trees, fertilizer should be placed in an area just a bit larger than the canopy of a tree. This will give necessary nutrients to the feeder roots that tend to be near the surface within the area. Putting in smaller amounts of fertilizer at more frequent intervals helps stop leaching, protect the environment, and reduce waste.

You must also be careful about over fertilizing. Over fertilizing can lead up to problems with pests, excessive watering needs, and contamination of the aquifer. Why worry about all of this when you can hire us to do the work for you? Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Best Fertilization Practices

It is vital to remember to follow best practices when using fertilizer on your property. We do all of this for you so that you won't have to worry about it yourself. Why stress out about your landscape when you can hire a professional and sit back to enjoy it instead? Water tests will determine pH balances. Performing a soil test will make sure that the needs of each living organism in your landscape are met. Proper pruning and cutting promotes photosynthesis, which most plants rely on for growth and health. Call us today for a free estimate and see how we can help you avoid stress and increase your satisfaction with your landscape. Our licensed landscapers know how to best take care of your property.

Keeping your landscape looking good with a customized program will make your property stand out like a paradise and provide all the benefits listed above. We would love the opportunity to provide our services to you. Your neighbors and any passerby will surely be envious looking at your property. Let us beautify your home by making sure that your lawn is properly cared for. New lawns must be taken care of very carefully in order to ensure good growth and a healthy look. A neat, cool lawn is exactly what you need in order to spruce up your property. Our team of experts will handle all of your questions and concerns about your new lawn. Don't wait. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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