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Tacoma Bark & Gravel Service

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Tacoma Bark & Gravel Service

Bark and Gravel Service

Do you need assistance measuring for how much bark and gravel you will need? Do you need assistance with a construction or landscape project? Give us a call to schedule an appointment and for a free estimate!

We take the place of dozens of workers and we cut your job time to just a fraction of what it used to be. Our professional and trained operators can apply material evenly and quickly, saving you up to 20% to 30% in material costs alone. We work in every season, in any weather, because there is not any damage to the terrain with blower hoses as opposed to the high traffic of wheelbarrows and workers.

Finished jobs are neatly finished and evenly covered. All you have to do is prepare the areas by having them free of unwanted materials and weeding the area. Or we can do it for you. It's not hard to see that our gravel and bark service is a great service for anyone who does not want the backbreaking job of spreading materials.

We have been serving our customers with the highest quality topsoil products, mulches, and tools. We have real people that are happy to answer your questions about our services.

We offer you a great option to get your projects done. We know you need them done right and on time. We do the work with little to no effort on your part. Do you like to spend your valuable time with your family, traveling, or just relaxing? Why waste precious time spreading bark when we can do it for you? Our professional work will save you a lot of sweat and time. We are a one-stop shop for all of your landscaping needs. We are well-versed in all types of bark and gravel spreading.

We spread large quantities of organic material in a small amount of time, saving you lots of time and effort. This leaves you time to do other things on your weekend instead of servicing your property. It's the perfect timesaver for all landscape projects.

We are careful when spreading around delicate plants or cranked up higher to speed the process up in more wide open areas. Even the largest erosion control projects can be brought down to size. We experience reaching steep embankments, or hard to reach places.

Do you have a playground or a park on your property that needs to be covered in bark or gravel? Covering parks and playgrounds is fast and efficient with our team. There's no need to stop playground activity. We do not cause a major inconvenience. Our expert crew will be happy to help you in getting a free estimate for your project.

We strongly believe in providing spectacular customer service. Integrity, honesty, and professionalism are at the heart of what we do. We use the highest quality equipment possible in order to provide a great experience. Customer satisfaction is our goal!

Why pick us to help you with your next project?
  • Professional crews with vast bark laying experience
  • Excellent clean up
  • Save time and effort
  • Reach difficult areas
  • We are very careful around your plants
  • We guarantee your satisfaction
What are you waiting for? Call or email today for a free estimate and have us get started on your landscaping project!

Why waste your precious day spreading bark when we can do it for you? Our service will save you back pain, sweat, and time. We have crews that will spread bark and gravel for you so you don't have to do the dirty work. Our mission is to provide excellent service, while supplying quality products at great prices.

Act now to stop weeds and provide a beautiful look to your home! We provide complete bark and gravel spreading services for our customers. Bark is cost effective and easy way to spruce up your property. It also serves a practical purpose. Mulch provides nutrients, root cover, and helps to provide adequate moisture in between watering or rain. Yearly application of mulch will keep your plants healthy and happy.

Our bark and gravel service is available to help you with a multitude of different landscaping projects. We can discuss what services you may need and we will provide assistance with the selection process. Call us today for a free estimate and get started!

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