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Spanaway Landscaping Service

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Spanaway Landscaping Service

Your yard is an extension of your home and as such, is an extension of you. Spanaway Landscaping design is an art, where multiple elements must come together to create a unified whole. Once the project is complete, a Federal Way landscaper must maintain those elements so the entirety of the design remains coherent.

GPAK Management LLC Landscaping and Design is a full service Spanaway Landscaping Company offering everything from design services to lawn mowing, and everything in between. Your qualified GPAK Spanaway landscaper will transform your ideas into a reality, while making your landscape the envy of your neighbors.

Our Spanaway Services Include:

  • Hardscapes - Pavers, Pathways, Patio Extentions
  • Landscaping - Design, Construction, Maintenance
  • Lawns - Edging, Fertilizing, Mowing, Sod, Overseeding, Thatching
  • Preasure Washing - Driveways, Homes, Sidewalks, Walkways
  • Pruning - Shaping & Sculpturing, Topiary, Trimming
  • Retaining Walls - Brick, Block, Rock Walls
  • Spray Service - Moss, Weeds, Plant & Tree Pest Control
  • Spreading - Bark, Gravel
  • Yard Services - Black Berry Removal, Fall Clean Up, Gutter Cleaning

Spanaway Landscaping Service Experts

Transforming an outdoor space into something truly magnificent starts with help from a professional landscaper with regional experience. This is important because landscaping in the Pacific Northwest is far different than anywhere else in the country. Your landscaping design must reflect the advantages and limitations that a place like Spanaway and the surrounding region offers, if it is to be successful.

Do you need a Spanaway landscaper to bring your ideas to life? Are you looking for a Spanaway landscaping company that you can trust to keep your yard looking great? Do you need some specialized landscaping care? Call us today at (206) 854-2774 for all of your Spanaway landscaping needs.

Spanaway Landscaping DesignSpanaway Landscaping Construction
Spanaway Landscaping MaintenanceSpanaway Specialized Landscaping
Spanaway Landscaping Maintenance
Spanaway Landscaping Design

Spanaway, WA Tidbits

Spanaway, Washington is located next to the eastern boundary of the Joint Base Lewis/McCord on State Road 7, known as the Mountain Highway, 15 miles south of Tacoma, in Pierce County. The community was established in 1890.

Until 1863, the HBC (Hudson's Bay Company), which had its headquarters at Fort Nisqually, had control of this area. Company journals and maps depict the subsidiary of the company, known as the Puget's Sound Agricultural Company, raised sheep, grain, and cattle on the eastern and southern shores of Spanueh Lake at a place known as Spanueh Station. Spanueh is how the HBC spelled the e native Lushootseed spadue, which meant dug roots. This referred to an region where edible roots, such as camas can be located In the 1800's, Lushootseed underwent a loss of nasal consonants and Spanueh just transcribes an older pronunciation of what is currently Spadue.

A man named Henry de la Bushalier was the first white settler to take a donation claim by the lake, and he attempted to rename the lake after himself. A year later he died and that idea simply went away. The name of the region was changed to Lake park in 1890 as a planned community by the Lake Park Improvement, Railway, and Land Company, which purchased all of the close by land east of the lake and constructed a rail line on the shores of Spanaway Lake to its recreation mecca. In 1899, when the Mt. Rainier National Park opened, tourists would take the train to its terminus in Lake Park and from there make the two day journey to Mt. Rainier, which made Spanaway the original gateway to Mt. Rainier. With an overnight stop in Eatonville, the trip was made by stagecoach. As early as 1893, this route was in operation.

A Lt. named John Hodgkin flew his Piper J 3 Cub, which was equipped with skis, to the top of Mt. Rainer from the Spanaway Air Strip, which established a world record for a high altitude landing in 1951. He was fined $350 after being charged with landing a private airplane in a national park without permission in federal court.

In 1897, the US Board of Geographic Names recognized the community of Lake Park, in 1970, it had to reverse this decision and accept the common usage of Spanaway.

Some people claim that a Nisqually word for the lake, yawanaps that translates into shining water. This was simply Spanaway spelled backwards by pioneers to name the community. Although some say this idea was ridiculous and others say it was ingenious, a historian of the Nisqually tribe doesn't know of any o such word in their language that resembles yawanaps.

Some folks believe in the theory of mule span. A team of two mules, known as a span, could pull a loaded wagon approximately 10 miles before they had to be replaced or rested. Therefore, great grandpa also used a span as a measure of distance as in have to haul this load of hay three spans, which is about 30 miles into town. The first mule changing station between the points south was just east of the southernmost end of what is currently known as Spanaway Lake and the community of Tacoma. Therefore the question of How far is the lake from Tacoma? was answered by a span away. This location became Spanaway with common usage. However, of these somewhat creative name theory have been proven to be true.

Other old timers believe that the name Spanaway was a white settler's perversion of the Nisqually word Spanuch, since the first known reference to this region was an HBC journal entry that was read as two plows sent to Spanuch and Muck. However, the skeptics have had a problem trying to create Spanaway from Spanuch. As a linguistic transition, the community named after the leafy green vegetable known as Spinach may make better sense. In 2010, however a historian named Steve Anderson determined that on closer examination of the original Hudson's Bay Company's journal entry, the c in Spanuch is actually an e. Therefore, it isn't Spanuch but rather Spanueh. Mr. Anderson also determined that the first known map of Spanaway was drawn in 1847 by a Fort Nisqually proctor named William Tolmie in 1847. Mr. Tolmie's map clearly labels the lake Spanueh as well as the region around the southeastern end of it, where the Hudson Bay Company raised grain and ran sheep and cattle at Spanueh Station. In addition, pronounced phonetically, Spanueh does sound like Spanaway.

It is easy to see how Spanueh was used by the white settlers and became the anglicized Spanaway. However, in 1890, the Lake Park Railway and improvement Company platted the community as Lake Park, and formally recorded as such by the USBGN (US Board on Geographic Names). However, the name simply didn't stick. Spanueh it was and Spanaway it would remain for the locals. The post office recognized Spanaway as the actual name of the community. However, the US Board on Geographic names didn't reverse its original ruling until 1970 and made the US government authorized place name of Spanaway.

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