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Puyallup Landscaping Service

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Puyallup Landscaping Service

Your yard is an extension of your home and as such, is an extension of you. Puyallup Landscaping design is an art, where multiple elements must come together to create a unified whole. Once the project is complete, a Federal Way landscaper must maintain those elements so the entirety of the design remains coherent.

GPAK Management LLC Landscaping and Design is a full service Puyallup Landscaping Company offering everything from design services to lawn mowing, and everything in between. Your qualified GPAK Puyallup landscaper will transform your ideas into a reality, while making your landscape the envy of your neighbors.

Our Puyallup Services Include:

  • Hardscapes - Pavers, Pathways, Patio Extentions
  • Landscaping - Design, Construction, Maintenance
  • Lawns - Edging, Fertilizing, Mowing, Sod, Overseeding, Thatching
  • Preasure Washing - Driveways, Homes, Sidewalks, Walkways
  • Pruning - Shaping & Sculpturing, Topiary, Trimming
  • Retaining Walls - Brick, Block, Rock Walls
  • Spray Service - Moss, Weeds, Plant & Tree Pest Control
  • Spreading - Bark, Gravel
  • Yard Services - Black Berry Removal, Fall Clean Up, Gutter Cleaning

Puyallup Landscaping Service Experts

Transforming an outdoor space into something truly magnificent starts with help from a professional landscaper with regional experience. This is important because landscaping in the Pacific Northwest is far different than anywhere else in the country. Your landscaping design must reflect the advantages and limitations that a place like Puyallup and the surrounding region offers, if it is to be successful.

Do you need a Puyallup landscaper to bring your ideas to life? Are you looking for a Puyallup landscaping company that you can trust to keep your yard looking great? Do you need some specialized landscaping care? Call us today at (206) 854-2774 for all of your Puyallup landscaping needs.

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Puyallup Landscaping MaintenancePuyallup Specialized Landscaping
Puyallup Landscaping Maintenance
Puyallup Landscaping Design

Puyallup, WA Tidbits

Pierce County is the home of Puyallup, Washington. The census that was taken in the year 2011 reported that Puyallup had a population of 37,028 people. Since the year 2000, this population has represented a 12.20% increase in the population of Puyallup, at that time. In 1852, a man named Ezra Meeker arrived in the Northwest and established the community of Puyallup. Mr. Meeker became the first mayor and platted the new community.

White settlers were attacked by tribes from western and eastern Washington and especially by the Puyallup Indians in 1855. The Indians were upset since, without permission, the white men were trespassing on their land during their search for gold. During the uprising many white settlers left their homes for the safety of Fort Steilacoom.
Puyallup thrived on agriculture. The community was one of the primary hop growing regions in the nation by 1890. However, the hop crop was destroyed when hop lice infested the hop crop in 1891. Many farmers had to begin growing other crops. Agriculture was still a large portion of the local economy because many of them started growing flower bulbs and berries.

Mr Meeker built one of the best early Victorian Mansions in Washington State in 1890, with hand stenciled ceilings, stained glass windows, carved cherry staircases and 17 rooms. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open for tours. In the center of Pioneer Park, located on what is currently known as Elm Place and South Meridian Street, there is a life size statue of Mr. Meeker. One of the goals that Mr. Meeker had his whole life was preserving and marking the Oregon Trail. In an effort to attract attention to the need to preserve this pioneer road, Mr. Meeker left on a wagon drawn by oxen with the objective to retrace and mark the trail between Nebraska and Washington in 1906. Mr. Meeker made an additional three trips on the trail, such as one by automobile and his final trip in the open cockpit of an airplane at age 93.

These days, Puyallup is famous for its enormous state fair and exquisite fields of flowers. One of the primary events in Puyallup is the Daffodil Festival and Spring Fair. Since 1934, this event has been sponsored by bulb farms in the area. The two week festival features the 3rd largest parade of flowers in the country known as the Grand Floral Parade.

For 17 days every September the largest event occurs in Puyallup which is the Puyallup Fair. This fair is the single largest attraction held every year in Washington State and is officially known as the Western Washington State Fair. With the exception of the time during WW II, when the fairgrounds were being used by the U. S. Army, this fair has taken place every year since 1900.

In 1900, the fair was known as the Valley Fair. In order to finance the two day event, shares of stock were sold. The fair had become an event that lasted six days by 1905. The fair was held on to acres and attendance had increased to 75,000 people by 1919. There was much repair and clean up required after WW II, in order to get the fairgrounds ready to open again. In 1946, the first postwar fair opened and set a record of 100,000 people for one day's attendance.

In 1970, the only and the first fire occurred at the fairgrounds. The fair opened as scheduled in spite extensive damage. The fair was increased to occupy 46 acres and to an event that lasted 17 days form an event that lasted 10 days in 1978. The fair occupied 125 acres by 1989. In 2000, the fair celebrated its 100th anniversary and over 1.3 million people were in attendance. This was the 5th largest attendance in the country.

There are numerous attractions in Puyallup and the surrounding communities that visitors and their families might appreciate and enjoy. ne wonderful place for visitors and their families to experience and enjoy some entertainment including rodeos, food, rides, flowers, concerts, livestock, commercial exhibits, and flowers is the Puyallup Fair, which is held every year. This fair attracts more than one million visitors every year.

Another great location that visitors and their families might want to consider visiting is Meeker Mansion. This mansion is available for special events, field trips, and tours in general. Visitors and their families can squeeze some crunchy apples that can be purchased within the mansion into fresh cider, check out the many vendors on site, or enjoy some hand clapping music.

Visitors and their families can also go fishing for many different delicious species of salmon or steelhead trout in the Puyallup River. These fish begin to move upstream in order to spawn after the rain has caused the river's volume to increase. Fishing guides are available. Visitors and their families who enjoy a good game of golf can enjoy can visit the Lipoma Firs Golf course and enjoy nine holes of regulation golf. There are actually three golf courses at this golf course which are the Blue Golf Course, the Green Golf Course, and the Gold Golf Course.

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