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Fircrest Landscaping Service

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Fircrest Landscaping Service

Your yard is an extension of your home and as such, is an extension of you. Fircrest Landscaping design is an art, where multiple elements must come together to create a unified whole. Once the project is complete, a Federal Way landscaper must maintain those elements so the entirety of the design remains coherent.

GPAK Management LLC Landscaping and Design is a full service Fircrest Landscaping Company offering everything from design services to lawn mowing, and everything in between. Your qualified GPAK Fircrest landscaper will transform your ideas into a reality, while making your landscape the envy of your neighbors.

Our Fircrest Services Include:

  • Hardscapes - Pavers, Pathways, Patio Extentions
  • Landscaping - Design, Construction, Maintenance
  • Lawns - Edging, Fertilizing, Mowing, Sod, Overseeding, Thatching
  • Preasure Washing - Driveways, Homes, Sidewalks, Walkways
  • Pruning - Shaping & Sculpturing, Topiary, Trimming
  • Retaining Walls - Brick, Block, Rock Walls
  • Spray Service - Moss, Weeds, Plant & Tree Pest Control
  • Spreading - Bark, Gravel
  • Yard Services - Black Berry Removal, Fall Clean Up, Gutter Cleaning

Fircrest Landscaping Service Experts

Transforming an outdoor space into something truly magnificent starts with help from a professional landscaper with regional experience. This is important because landscaping in the Pacific Northwest is far different than anywhere else in the country. Your landscaping design must reflect the advantages and limitations that a place like Fircrest and the surrounding region offers, if it is to be successful.

Do you need a Fircrest landscaper to bring your ideas to life? Are you looking for a Fircrest landscaping company that you can trust to keep your yard looking great? Do you need some specialized landscaping care? Call us today at (206) 854-2774 for all of your Fircrest landscaping needs.

Fircrest Landscaping DesignFircrest Landscaping Construction
Fircrest Landscaping MaintenanceFircrest Specialized Landscaping
Fircrest Landscaping Maintenance
Fircrest Landscaping Design

Fircrest, WA Tidbits

A Major named Edward Bowes, who was made famous by the Original Amateur Hour, and some other financiers from San Francisco dreamed of a residential community that would be an ideal location to raise a family and enjoy life in 1907. In order to keep their dream alive, they bought some land to the west of Tacoma and called the location Regents Park. Their influence is reflected in their value of higher education and the streets, which are named after their California background.

Regent Park offered a strong sense of community and quiet living with its aesthetically designed, and curved sewers, sidewalks, and streets. In 1919, on Farallone Avenue, the first store was opened. In 1923, the Fircrest Golf Club was established.

The year 1925 brought the incorporation of Fircrest as a town. The population of the small community was 306 people. The new Town of Fircrest seemed to reenergize the community. Their incorporation gave provided them with the control and the financial stability to develop and repair their services and infrastructure.

Fircrest has continually preserved its sense of community, throughout the years. Hot meals and milk were provided to needy school children during the Great Depression. The ten days, ten dollars program provided $100 worth of children's Christmas toys in 1936. In 1949, a 150 acre fire threatened the community. However, there was no loss of homes.
The community of Fircrest built a community building, a swimming pool and dedicated Masko, as well as taking back ownerships of its parks. Fircrest is continually rivaling any community in the state of Washington for facilities and resources that are to recreational purposes. In 1976, the Annual Strawberry Feed started.

In 1973, the first woman councilmember was elected. In 1988, one of the many changes that occurred was the change to a Council/Manager form of government. The year 1990 brought the status of Fircrest to that of a city, having grown in population and size. In order to provide financial stability and even out the boundaries the surrounding properties were annexed during the next the years.

In 1979, the Public Safety Building was finished. The volunteer fire department went away during the 1990's and the Tacoma Fire Department signed a contract with Fircrest to provide emergences services. In 1999, the New City Hall building was erected.

These days, Fircrest has become that ideal community. The community has a reputation for setting the standard for community oriented living, great recreational facilities and a high of quality of living.

One of the middle class neighborhoods in Tacoma is University Place, which was started by Major Bowes. While some of the people in the south are served by University Place No. 83. The students in kindergarten through the 5th grade are served by Whittier Elementary School located in Delong and Fircrest Elementary in Tacoma. The majority of 8th, 7th, and 6th graders attend Hunt Middle School, which scheduled to reopen in September 2014. In the meantime the Students were reassigned to Gray, Mason, and Truman schools. The majority of the high school students attend Woodrow Wilson High School or Henry Foss High School.

The small community of Fircrest, Washington is bound on the east and north by the community of Tacoma, and on the west and south by the community of University Place. The community of Fircrest is situated in the northwestern portion of Pierce County and located only 2.8 miles from Puget Sound. Much the same as the remainder of Western Washington, the landscape of the community is dominated by the spectacular sight of Mt. Rainer, which rises an imposing 14,411 feet. The elevation of the community of Fircrest is 276 feet. Mount Rainer is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states and is part of the Cascade mountain range. The glacier topped Mount Rainier is visible from the community of Fircrest and the majority of the other small communities that are located at its feet, all throughout the year. Although it is still considered an active but dormant volcano, for all of its majesty and beauty, it is still considered to be one of the 10 most dangerous mountains in the world. The community of Fircrest has a population of 6,497 people and 2,705 families, according to the census that taken in 2010, and is contained within 1.58 square miles, without any bodies of water or lakes and is all land area.

Only 13.6% of the households living in Fircrest had seniors living with them and 31.2% of the households had children under 18 years of age living in them. The size of the average family was 2.93 people and the size of the average household size was 2.39 people. In 2010, the median income was $54,912. With a temperature of 41 degree, January is the coolest month of the year and with a mean temperature of 65.7 degrees, August is the warmest month of the year. There is an average rainfall of 38.95 inches of rainfall in Fircrest every year.

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